§NEGF (BB-101)

rhNEGF is a recombinant protein co-developed with Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of National Cheng Kung University. In-vitro cell assay, rhNEGF stimulates migration and angiogenesis, also shows improvement of wound closure in diabetic wound healing animal model; based on these findings rhNEGF could be used in treating diabetic foot ulcers. There are about 10% to 15% diabetic patients suffering from foot ulcers problem, which lead to lower extremity amputation, and impact patients physically and psychologically. Although one protein drug has been on the market, due to relative high cost of drug, which has not been widely used, especially, for early treatment which consider to be the most effective. With high yield process and stable nature of the protein, we expect to lower treatment cost to the fraction of the marketed product, make the treatment more affordable.